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Nolvadex (tamoxifen) can be used by patients diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as those at high risk for developing the disease because of their individual factors. Make sure you tell your health care provider if you are using any drug before starting your treatment, as some of them can interact with Nolvadex and its effects. You will need to avoid drinking any amounts of alcohol whit using Nolvadex. Both mild and serious side effects are possible and you will need to know about both to be sure whether you need to report certain symptoms or just ignore them. Tell your doctor if you get vision problems, unusual bruising or bleeding, blisters, loss of appetite, fever, rash, muscle weakness, jaundice, or restlessness, as those symptoms indicate something is not right about the way you are using Nolvadex. Less serious side effects, such as depression, dizziness, constipation, thinning of hair, nausea, weight loss, increased tumor pain, hot flashes, headache, stomach cramps, and excessive tiredness are also possible, but since they are very mild and tend to disappear after several hours, there is no need to tell your doctor about them. Make sure you take Nolvadex regularly and avoid missing doses or skipping them to make sure you get the most out of your treatment.

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